I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]basketball tryout drills[/tag] over the past few days.  Here’s an idea that Jeff sent in.

Basketball Tryout Drills

Here are my some of my favorite [tag]basketball[/tag]“ drills (for this year and this team) right now:

Rebounding drill: Shell block out drill with shot taken but the rebounders only need to block their guy so well that the ball falls down in front of them.

Loose ball drill: I love this [tag]drill[/tag] to get the aggressive attitude going. Put the ball in the jump ball circle. Divide the team with half at one baseline and the other half at the other baseline. Blow the whistle and then the two players first in line go after the ball aggressively. The one gets it is on offensive. They then play one on one until the offense scores or coach blows the whistle.

Free throw drill: I do this in the middle of practice.

Have everybody line up around the free throw lane. One person shoots two free throws. If he makes them both no running. If he misses any of the two, it is one down and back (or killer) for the entire team for each miss. Once done, it’s back on the line for another 2
free throws for the next person. Go through the entire team. Gets them concentrating and also learn how to shoot free throws when they are tired.