Take a look at this submission from Sandra.  A great example of a [tag]basketball warm up[/tag]“ that can work with all age groups.Basketball Warm Up

I have a [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that jump starts my team every time!

I have my 6th grade boys run at the start of every practice to get them warmed up.

I start with a couple of boys in each of 3 corners of the half court. 4 of them at half court in both corners and 4 of them in the bottom corner ready for the outlet pass.

The first player at half court corner goes in for a lay-up and catches the lay-up in the air after it goes through the net (catching the ball in the air after the ball goes in teaches them to go straight up for a lay-up instead of falling too far under the hoop). Then, once he catches the ball the corner player takes off up the court for an outlet pass then passes to the corner player at half court moving towards the center circle. He takes the pass from the outlet man, dribbles just pass the center circle, stops and squares up to make a pass to the player going from the lay-up line in the other half court corner taking off.

It’s a continuous movement of passing and cutting. It’s a great start to a practice. It helps with their [tag]warm up[/tag] and their transition game.