Of all the [tag]basketball youth drills[/tag] I use, this is one a colleague introduced to me and I love it.  As you know, ten year old boys games are won with lay-ups and rebounds. Since implementing this drill, our team is aggressive and can complete a fast break layup.

The start of practice is opened with the [tag]layup drill[/tag].
Two lines of 5 at the baseline, on each side of the paint.
They race down and back, a layup at each end, then pass to the next player.
The first team to finish, wins (they rest), the team that came up short, runs a lap.

We have always had a tie, so we run it three times.  This [tag]basketball[/tag] drill sounds way too simple but the intensity and the competitive nature of the boys is what impresses.  The boys actually ask to do this drill.

This drill has truly helped the boys, especially some who are less aggressive or timid.

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