This [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] is one of my favorite [tag]basketball youth drills[/tag] that I really enjoy doing with younger players, 6-8 yr. olds (a high school coach taught me this drill). At this age, teaching proper shooting technique is critical, so, starting out we don’t even use a [tag]basketball[/tag] for this drill.

Drill: with shooting hand, palm facing up, you start with the hand at the waist and then bring the arm around in a circular motion to where the elbow is parallel to the floor and the hand is in shooting position. Then make the kids extend through the shot and follow through.

We do this without the ball for 10 repetitions, at first stopping at each critical move ( i.e. proper form, shot and follow through). Then they do the entire movement without the ball, and, then, finally, with the ball (no farther than 2 ft from the goal).

We also incorporate the legs into the drill, at the same shooting distance of 2 ft. As they develop good shooting habits I will eventually, and gradually, extend the range but at this age probably not more than 5 – 6 ft.

This may not be as sophisticated as some of the other drills that you try but I find that this is an extremely effective drill for children in this age group.

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