One of the best skills to teach to your basketball players at the beginner stage is catching a [tag]rebound[/tag].  While making shots is important, catching and making the rebound shots is equally crucial to earning points and winning [tag]basketball[/tag] games.  These beginner basketball drills aim to teach the essence of [tag]rebounds[/tag], catching them and sinking them.Beginner Basketball Drills

The first of the [tag]beginning basketball drills[/tag] for rebounds is this backboard toss one.  Have your players line up on one side of the basket approximately 3 feet from the hoop.  Start by tossing the ball towards the top right corner of the backboard.

While the ball is in the air, the player who threw the ball is to take a step towards the ball, jump in the air and grab their own rebound.  Then they take the shot from where they land.  Next they throw the ball to the next person in the line who repeats the process.  Once each player has had a chance at the right side, switch to the left side of the basket.

The next of the [tag]beginner[/tag] basketball [tag]drills[/tag] for working on your team’s rebound skills starts off in a similar manner to the first [tag]drill[/tag], with the players in a line at the side of the basket.  This time, the first player in the line takes a shot.

If the shot is missed, the next person in the line must retrieve the rebound and make the shot themselves.  If the shot is made, the next person in the line still retrieves the rebound but instead of making the shot from where they land, they just pass the ball to the next person in the line.