Take a look at this submission from Dean.  A great [tag]basketball coaching tip[/tag] for [tag]best basketball shooting[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Best Basketball Shooting

From Dean…
Here’s my favourite [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for developing Juniors offense.
Have the team line up behind the goal with one player (the shooter) standing inside the three point arc – free throw line would be a good start.  First person in line, (defender), takes the ball directly under the hoop and passes to the shooter then attempts to block the shot.  Defender becomes the next shooter and shooter goes to end of line.
* Shooter cannot fake or dribble and must shoot immediately.
* Defender must give a good pass directly to shooters hands and close out hard.  When the shot goes up, the defender must jump immediately at shooter and should aim their run at the shooters outside shoulder to avoid any collisions.
* First run encourage shooters to shoot fast enough to avoid being blocked – high arc is essential.  A successful shot is not important.  Once an appropriate shooting speed has been achieved, encourage shooters to focus on their shooting with the knowledge that the defender is no longer a factor if they maintain the shooting speed.  Initially try to have similar size matchups for this [tag]basketball[/tag] drill.
1. Shooter has option of driving to hoop.  Only one bounce allowed.  If defender comes out slow shoot, if fast drive.  Defender now must check shot and drive.
2. Two on two.  Second shooter spots up on baseline with his defender giving help defence to defender one.  First defender closes out hard and forces shooter to drive helpside.  Shooter 1 tries to read help defender to either take it to the hoop or pass to shooter 2 who then must shoot.