Here is one of our [tag]best basketball team shooting drills[/tag]. It is a battle of the lines to see who can score the most.

Start this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] with 3 lines of players under each end of the basket (similar to a 3 man weave).  The first person in each line has a [tag]basketball[/tag] in hand. We then put 3 players lined up across half court. On the whistle the 3 in the middle sprint to one end of the court call for the ball and shoot the jump shot then rebounds their own ball and passes it to the first girl in the line.

The player that passes the ball to the shooter sprints to the other end of the court, calls for the ball and shoots the jump shot. The passer then sprints to the other end and this goes on until I get ready to stop it.

You can time it and have them keep score: 3 pts for the 3, 2 pts for the jumper, and 1 pt in the lane.

I never tell them which way I am going to run it until right before I blow the whistle. (They like to heavy stack the lines if they know I am going to keep score).