Here are two [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] for [tag]better basketball defense[/tag] that Brent sent to me. Try them out with your team and watch the improvements in your [tag]defense[/tag]!Better Basketball Defense

From Brent…
Super Drum
This is a 3 on 3 defensive game. The only team that can score is the defense.

Put the kids in teams of 3. Have Team 1 as the defensive team on the baseline, and everyone else in 3 lines behind the 3 point line. The person in front of each line is team 2. The [tag]coach[/tag] is on the baseline, and rolls the ball to one of the players on team 2.
It is now 3 on 3, and as I said before the only team that can score is the defensive team (Team 1). They get a point by getting a steal, creating a turnover, or getting a defensive [tag]rebound[/tag]. If the [tag]offense[/tag] scores (Team 2) they get no points, but replace Team 1 as the
defense, and Team 1 goes to the end of the lines, and the [tag]drill[/tag] starts over. We do this drill for 6 minutes and the team with the most points doesn’t have to run the consequence.

This drill works on all aspects of defense: closeout, backside, cut off baseline, screen and roll etc.. It makes for a good offensive drill also, because they want to score to play defense.

Drill 2
My young kids get bored easily with the same old same old.

This one is probably beyond many of your coaches out there, but my young 7-8 years old love it.
Actually any drill that has competition in it they love. One of their favorites is when I line half team at one baseline and the other half on the other baseline. As I call 2 numbers the players race for 2 balls at center court, then [tag]dribble[/tag] back to their basket. The first basket wins!
This also works well from the sidelines.