This is one of the [tag]better basketball defense[/tag] drills I picked up from one of my subscribers recently. Try this out with your team tonight!Better Basketball Defense

From John…
This is a [tag]defensive basketball drill[/tag] we use with our 5th grade boys team but it can really be used at any level.

Two lines under the basket, one [tag]basketball[/tag] for each line; one [tag]basketball coach[/tag] standing on each elbow. The first two players in line pass the ball to the coach in front of them and close out in a defensive stance. We look to make sure the last few steps before getting to the coach are short and choppy so they don’t over commit and also look for them to stop arms length away.

As the player approaches, the coach will make one or two stationary offensive moves (typically jab steps) to make sure get the defender is reacting correctly. Finally the coach says go and the player slides to the corner, drop steps at the corner and slides across the baseline and gets in the other line from where he started.

We use this drill in [tag]basketball practice[/tag] but also in pre-game warm ups to get the kids thinking about defense.