Bart sent in this [tag]basketball[/tag] drill.  It relates to [tag]better basketball skills[/tag] and includes some great tips you can begin using with your team right away.Better Basketball Skills

This [tag]drill[/tag] I use for all ages I [tag]coach[/tag].  It is a [tag]warm up drill[/tag] we use to start each practice and game.

Two lines which begin at the elbow for younger groups and further out on the foul lines extended the older they are.  Both are facing the basket.

One person starts off the low block far out by the three point line – we call him the outlet guy.  The line closest to the outlet guy starts the layup lines.  The other line is the rebound line.  The player on the layup line starts and after he does his layup he continues his motion and goes under the basket and goes around to the end of the rebound line.

The rebound player goes in jumps up high to rebound the shot as he comes down he chins the ball, pivots and outlets it to the outlet player.  He then follows his pass to the outlet spot and then becomes the outlet player.  Once the outlet player gets the ball he bounce, chest or overhead passes it to the next player in line on the layup line.  The drill continues.

It stresses and practices a lot of basics.  Once they have done many right handed layups the outlet player switches to the other side and they switch now to left handed layups, etc.

This is a great warm up drill.