For Boston 2, our players will start from the same positions as in Boston – this goes for Bostons 1-5.

Boston 2 will also begin with a ball screen from the center and our point guard dribbling over to the left wing.

However this time, once the point guard has taken that misdirection dribble, our two guard in the weak side corner will come set a cross screen for the power forward. The power forward will use this screen to get open on the left block.

Once the point guard has used his ball screen, the center will then come set a down screen for the shooting guard, who will cut out to the top of the key to receive the pass from the point guard.

If the shot is there, he can take it, but otherwise it should be a quick swing to the small forward raising up to the right wing.

From there the center would slide over to the strong block and the power forward will flash high to the ball side elbow, with our guards sliding over to the weak side to maintain proper court spacing.

If the entry passes to the post aren’t available, the two guard can come back to the ball, putting us right back in our base set once again.