With the small forward staying in the same spot for the first two options of Boston, our third option gives us a chance to catch the defense off guard with a staggered screen behind the ball.

Once our point guard has crossed over and begun to dribble towards the center’s ball screen, our power forward will come over to set the first screen for our small forward. Once the point guard has used the center’s ball screen, the center will slide over and set the second.

With our point guard dribbling hard over to the left wing, the shooting guard will crash down to the left block and the small forward will fill in behind the point all the way up to the top of the arc.

The point guard will swing the ball back to the three man, as the shooting guard sets a cross screen for the power forward to get open on the left block.

Our center will then set a down screen for the shooting guard, who will cut out to the right wing looking to pull the trigger on a 3 pointer. If the shot isn’t there, the shooting guard will swing right back up top, and the four man will flash high, putting us once again, back in our base set.