Boston 4

Once again we’ll begin with a ball screen from the center up top, this time with the small forward raising up to the wing, to allow our power forward a better angle for a back screen.

The point guard will swing the center popping out on to the top of the arc, and from the to the power forward popping out to the wing after setting the screen.

Next our point guard and center will slide over and set staggered screens for the shooting guard, who will sprint up to the top of the arc looking to catch and shoot on the pass from the four man.

If the shot isn’t there, the center will dive to the block, and the small forward will flash to the high post. From there our shooting guard can run our base set, or swing it to the point guard and fill in the corner.


Boston 5

In our last option out of Boston, our shooting guard will sprint right across the baseline to the other side of the floor just as our point guard uses the center’s ball screen.

With the point guard on the left wing now, the power forward will set a back screen for the small forward, who will cut over to the ball side block.

From there, the center will set a down screen for the four man, who will cut out to the top of the arc to receive the pass, which he will immediately swing over to the shooting guard filling up on the wing.

The center will duck in on the strong block, but if the entry isn’t there, the small forward will flash high, the four man will fill in the far corner and we are once again back in our base set.