This basketball drill will condition basketball players to immediately look to gain position on the box out when a shot is taken.

What you need – Match up an offense and a defense for this drill.  The basketball coach will be the one shooting the ball.

How this drill works – The defensive basketball players are going to start out with position, but when the basketball coach blows his or her whistle, the basketball players are going to move around in their positional area, jostling for position under the basket.

When the basketball coach takes a shot, all of the basketball players are going to yell out, “SHOT”, and then try to box out their opponent.  An offensive rebound scores two points, after starting out at a disadvantage, and a defensive rebound scores one point.  Offense and defense switch after each shot.

The basketball players should have an eye on both their matched player and the ball, in order to see when it is shot, then be able to quickly react to get position to make a rebound.

Result – Quicker reaction under the hoop in going to help you develop a stronger rebounding team – on both ends of the court.