Take a look at this submission from Scott.  Two great examples of [tag]boys basketball shooting[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that can work with well with your younger teams.Boys Basketball Shooting

From Scott…
With very young kids (3-5 grade) I have difficulty causing them to naturally be aggressive.  These are simple [tag]basketball[/tag] drills but the effect on young kids is remarkable.

Step 1 – two players [tag]pass[/tag] back and forth.
Step 2 – one player run back and forth between the two players, the “passer” is required to keep the ball moving while pivoting and finish by stepping across to pass
Step 3 – two players run back and forth, the “passer” must keep the ball moving while pivoting and finish by splitting the double-team.

I find the progression causes the kids to step toward the pressure – not away from it.

Animal [tag]drill[/tag]
Start with three kids.  Under the hoop.  No fouls.  First to 3 wins or each score rotate in a player.  Increase up to 5 players.  As the numbers increase – the [tag]coach[/tag] should call fouls.  When a foul is called or a player loses his [tag]dribble[/tag] or wants to pass, pass the ball to a coach, then work to get himself free.

I find the initial “free for all” causes the over aggressiveness from which the coach can lessen and control.