Play Type:“ “  Passing Drill


This drill involves conditioning and passing. Players must sprint between the spots while focusing on making strong passes of your choice (bounce, chest or over the head).

Set Up:

  • This drill can be done either half court or full court, obviously half court the focus is on passing and full court involves passing and running.
  • 8 players are needed to complete the drill, any extra players can ballhandle or work on another skill on the side.
  • Players will begin passing to their right, but you can change it to their left.

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  1. 8 players do the drill. Players 2 and 7 must have a ball.
  2. Passes are thrown to the right (or left) during the entire timed drill. Drill is best in 1-3 minute increments. Players are partnered with person directly across from them. After player passes to right, player sprints to exchange spots with partner.
  3. Players pass to right then exchange spots via a sprint.

Coaching Tips:

Players must sprint. You can rotate spots each new time you start. You can change the pass type.

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