Take a look at this submission from Jon.  A great example of [tag]coaches drills[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Coaches Drills

Among other things, I’ve coached an adult [tag]basketball[/tag] rec team–guys who are in it for fun, and not really too focused on skill improvement anymore, though they did still want to get better as a team. “ In other words, they all still came to practice, but wanted to scrimmage, scrimmage, scrimmage, and didn’t have a lot of patience for [tag]drills[/tag]. So I got them playing a series of 5 (or sometimes 10) point games, and in each game the captain from each team would come to me for a piece of paper. On the paper were written things like:

– the ball must be sent into the post at least once every offensive set
– fast break points are double this time
– you must score from the paint
– offensive rebounds are worth a point
– a steal is worth a point
– your team will lose a point any time you are scored on by a fast break

What was written on these pieces of paper was shared with the captain’s team, but kept secret from the other team. I knew what was on it, and kept score.

The point of it was to practice, via [tag]scrimmage[/tag], a particular skill our team had shown itself to be lacking in the last couple of games. Overall it worked out pretty good.