This is a full court conditioning, passing and lay up drill.  Using these [tag]coaching basketball conditioning drills[/tag] with your team will result in quick improvements in many skills.

All lay ups are made on the same side of the court, so right hand one end and left hand the other end. Place a chair at foul line extended on side lay up to be made.
3 players start at half court (1,2,3). All others line up at half court (4,5,6…).
1 has the [tag]basketball[/tag] in middle of court and passes to 2 on left side of court, 1 runs around chair on his right, 2 passes to 3 for right hand lay up.

2 get rebound, outlet to 3.
4 runs to centre of court, 3 passes to 4, 2 is out.
4 passes to 1 for left hand lay-up, 4 runs around chair on his left,

3 rebounds, outlet to 1,
5 runs to center of court, 1 passes to 5, 3 is out.
5 passes to 4 for right hand lay up, 5 runs around chair on his right,

1 rebounds, outlet to 4,
6 runs to center of court, 4 passes to 6, 1 is out.
6 passes to 5 for left hand lay up, 6 runs around chair on his left,

And on it goes.

The process for any player coming onto the court is:

  • receive a pass in middle of court,
  • pass for a lay up,
  • run around chair for lay up at other end of court,
  • receive outlet pass,
  • pass to middle of court
  • rebound,
  • outlet pass,
  • join end of line.

I run this for 5 minutes and depending on age group, target is anywhere from 40 to 60 lay ups.  1 point is deducted for each travel or if ball hits the floor.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below! And please check out this free basketball drills article for more ideas you can use in practice.