Coaching Basketball DefenseThis is one of the things I like to do when [tag]coaching basketball defense[/tag].  Late in our [tag]basketball practice[/tag] I have the team work one-on-one and on breaking down the defense.  The defender has to make 2 stops in a row to get off the court.

I want the offense to focus on scoring the late bucket needed on an isolation and the defender focused on clamping down and making a stop.

For a twist, I’ll make the defender (after making his second stop- he could be on the [tag]basketball[/tag] court for 5,10, 15 minutes playing defense at this time depending on his defense), go to the free throw line and knock down 2 free throws.

Hopefully he is tired and under a lot of stress like in a late game situation and he now needs to change his focus and concentrate on a new task.