If you are [tag]coaching basketball defense[/tag], you may find your players are getting beat down the court in defensive transition.  Try using this [tag]defensive basketball drill[/tag] to emphasize the importance of sprinting down court, finding the ball and transitioning into a good defensive stance.

Transition Drill:
5 Players are standing in the Paint area.
Have them in a box out stance, chopping their feet or in a good athletic low stance.
Coach throws the [tag]basketball[/tag] off the glass. When the ball is rebounding by the coach, the players have 3 seconds to get to the opposite paint area.  Once they reach the designated spot, they must immediately transition into a defensive slide [tag]basketball drill[/tag], sliding from the free throw lane to the sideline and back for 30 seconds or more.  The players make sure they cover both sides of the court and communicate where the ball is and talk as they slide back and forth.  Repeat as needed.

After 4 to 6 times up and down the court, they understand what is expected out of them.