Mike in Cleveland emailed me looking for advice on [tag]coaching basketball for children[/tag]. I sent him the following [tag]basketball drills[/tag] that one of my subscribers sent to me. These will pay huge dividends with your team!Coaching Basketball for Children

From Deborah…
I am the [tag]basketball coach[/tag] for an 8th grade boys club team, and as a woman with boys I am usually the only woman in the gyms coaching.  I love to stress [tag]basketball fundamentals[/tag] with the boys. They want to scrimmage all the time, and after a couple of years, they have realized how much focusing on fundamentals has improved their games.

Drill # 1
2 players, 2 [tag]basketball[/tag]s
Start out about 20 passes per side, add more as they become more adept at it. Players face each other, start by passing with a right handed push pass then left handed push pass.
Repeat while they shuffle their feet while passing then right handed pushpass with a dribble in between the pass.  Same with the left side-add bounce passes.

This increases eye-hand coordination, and with the added foot shuffles, it is a good workout.  It also strengthens the weak hand.

Drill #2
Each player has a ball. Remove shirt. Tuck shirt in like a “tail” to shorts. Must stay inbounds.
Dribble in 1/2 court, and knock ball away, pull out “tail” to eliminate other players.  When down to 2 players, move to key area.
This helps young players keep their head up on the dribble.
Have them use their weak hand ONLY- it motivates young players to not have a weak hand.