While [tag]coaching basketball[/tag], I watched my players struggling with foul shooting and, in practice, they were not taking their foul shooting serious enough to improve. I implemented a reward based system that is simple but keeps them focused.

This is the [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]free throw[/tag] drill:
5 players at a hoop.
Each player gets two shots (before rotating to the next player) and if they make both shots they get to pick the player of their choice to do 20 push-ups ( push-ups are to be done right then).
If they make only one out of two shots, they do not get to select a player to do push-ups and they are not required to do any push-ups.
If they do not make either of their two shots, they have to do 20 push-ups of their own.
Once the player has shot his two shots they rotate and the next player steps up and shoots his two shots and so on.

We typically will have each player shoot 4 or 5 sets and all shots are being counted by myself or the assistant coach.  If they do not achieve a 60% free throw percentage as a team, they are required to run wind sprints and the number of sprints is based on how many free throws they missed the 60% percent mark by.

The number of pushups and number of wind sprints can be increased or decreased depending on the level of coaching you are doing.

The players have enjoyed this and have improved immensely on their free throw shooting.

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