Coming up with new ideas for [tag]coaching basketball[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.  Here’s a [tag]basketball coaching tip[/tag] that Chris sent to me.  Give this a try with your team!Coaching Basketball

From Chris…
Coaching tip:

My team had difficulty working together and communicating amongst themselves.  At our third practice, I brought in blindfolds and split the team into two groups.  The group that was blindfolded had to make a square using six pieces of rope (approximately each 6 feet long)“  The ropes were scattered around a designated area.  The other group had to help the blindfolded team by guiding them to the ropes giving them verbal instructions from the sidelines only.  A time limit of 5 minutes was set.  The roles were then reversed. The goal of this exercise was not necessarily to make the square, but to build communication, listening and cooperative skills.

Part two of this exercise was to put the players two by two.  Again blindfolded, they had to find a way to bring the [tag]basketball[/tag] from one end of the gym to the other using any part of their body except their hands and arms. The ball had to be touching both players at all times. “  After much laughing and some frustration the communication between players began to emerge and most of them succeeded in achieving the task at hand.

These two fun exercises changed attitudes and animosity among the players.  A great team emerged.