This idea for [tag]coaching drills[/tag] comes courtesy of Dan.Coaching Drills

I have a [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that I have used with my grade school teams. It is a drill that combines executing a V-Cut, pivoting, and One on One moves.
I have a coach as the passer to a player who executes a V-cut against a defensive player to get open either at the top of the key or on either of the wings.
Once the player executes a good v-cut to get open, he receives a pass from the [tag]coach[/tag]. Once he catches the pass, the player pivots on one foot, either the right or the left (and have them do both during the course of the drill), executing front and reverse pivots, protecting the ball from the defensive player, (emphasizing swinging the ball low or high, but not in the middle of the body) for anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds.
Then the coach blows the whistle to signal that the offensive player should execute a one on one move against the defensive player and try to score. The defensive player should put as much pressure on the ball as he/she can, and make sure the offensive player protects the ball. Also, the offensive player should try to execute a good offensive move once he makes his one on one move (jab step, shot fakes, crossover dribble, etc.) and attempts to score. Once shot is taken, the offense should follow shot, and the defensive player should block out.

This drill helps the younger players develop the ability to pivot, protect the ball, and learn some moves to get to the basket. The defensive player learns to pressure the ball, block out, and hustle to stop the offensive player. I try to use this at every practice to reinforce the many skills that are used in the drill.