Melissa from Chicago, one of my subscribers who is [tag]coaching girls basketball[/tag], sent in these coaching management tips.  I’ve included them for you to try.  They work well with all teams.Coaching Girls Basketball

From Melissa…
I am an elementary school and YMCA [tag]basketball coach[/tag] who deals with beginning female players that change year to year. I have to include everyone, keep it fun and a positive environment while hoping to win some games and light some fires.  As such, my [tag]basketball drills[/tag] remain basic and I rely on the old standards. Yet these two [tag]basketball[/tag] coaching tips have helped me enormously, maybe they will help someone else:

1.)“ “ “  I hate to try and talk over bouncing balls.  So if someone bounces a ball after I blow the whistle to give instructions, the whole team runs a lap. This means everyone helps me with crowd control!

2.)“ “ “  I have a lot of kids participating at school and many would be tempted to straggle in after school. I have divided them into three squads/teams.  Before practice I list required drills (10 layups, 5 free throws, 10 dribbling figure eights, etc.). These take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Each squad is required to police their own members to complete these BEFORE the beginning of practice or that squad runs extra laps.

Now everybody is early to practice and warmed up!