This idea on [tag]coaching girls basketball[/tag] comes courtesy of my subscribers. These tips are a creative way to get as much as possible in an hour practice time frame.  Give it a try!Coaching Girls Basketball

From Stephen…
I’m a [tag]basketball coach[/tag] in an small intramural league for 10 -12 year old girls with my younger daughter.  Then I couch another girls team of 12 – 14 year olds for my older daughter. I love it, have a blast!

We normally have [tag]basketball practice[/tag] once a week for 1 hour. I’m sure you can tell, it’s tough to get much practice time outside of the basic skills.  What I normally try to do is combine 2 or 3 all like [tag]basketball drills[/tag]. I briefly go over the 2 or 3 drills…then make one [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that takes all three of the smaller drills and make one drill out of the 2 or 3 smaller drills (gives the girls more ball handling time). I only do this for the smaller less complicated drills. This solidifies everything before the end of the hour. Then of course try and finish with a quick 15 min scrimmage.

It’s a challenge to fit everything in. In our [tag]basketball[/tag] league I have to rotate though to make sure all 9 or 10 girls get the same playing time–so everyone plays each position.