Special thanks to Jadine in Hawaii for sending this one in.  If you’re looking for ideas for [tag]coaching high school basketball[/tag], you should give this one a try!Coaching High School Football

From Jadine…
I coach a girls high school varsity [tag]basketball[/tag] team and every day amongst other [tag]basketball drills[/tag] we always run this drill for about 10-15 minutes – it does the following:

Make them run and hustle in a game situation
Make them challenge each other
Make them make good passes
Work on their layup and jump shots

Here’s the [tag]basketball drill[/tag]: We call it “4 Corners
1. Situated at each corner of the court are 2 players with basketballs.
2. Starting off the drill are 3 players who pass the ball down the court last pass to player that player makes the layup and the other 2 are situated at each free throw elbow ready to receive a pass from the corners to make their jump shots.
3. After the 2 corners feed the players at the elbow, they come out to the freethrow extended (outlet) to yell out for the pass from the player who just shot the layup.
4.  They then do the same thing going down the other side.
5.  One of the keys to this drill is that they need to talk to each other; look before passing and handle the ball.  The reason for this is that 3 [tag]basketball coach[/tag]es are in the court creating traps and chaos and pressuring the players.
6.  All turnovers and errors are tracked and assessed in either pushups, extended jumps or crunches.