Take a look at this [tag]basketball practice drill[/tag].  A great example of a drill for [tag]coaching high school basketball[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Coaching High School Basketball

Here is a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that I start practice with every day. It is called the “Charge Drill“. You have three players lineup on offense (one on both wings and one at the top of the key). You have one defensive player who lines up in the lane.

His goal is to take three charges in a row. He starts with the right wing man then top of the key man and then the left wing man. The offensive guys do not have a [tag]basketball[/tag], they simply just run into the lane and give a two hand push to the defender. I also tell both guys (offense and defense) to yell as loud as possible. We separate at all the baskets and the gym gets loud and intense in a hurry.

The kids enjoy yelling and after everyone goes through one time at their basket, we have one final go around for one player at one basket and everyone watches and cheers him on as he takes each charge.