Chris from Iowa sent in a request for more [tag]drills[/tag] to use for [tag]coaching kid basketball[/tag] that he could use with his team.  Here are a couple of drills that coaches have sent to me. Coaching Kid Basketball

From Bob…
We call this our four corner [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]passing drill[/tag].

Take four players and form a square, players about 12 feet apart (make sure they maintain the square shape and distance). Using 2 balls give one to the players diagonally apart. Fill in the rest of your players behind the player in the front of the lines.  The drill starts on coach’s whistle.  Players pass the ball clockwise and follow their pass to the next line, when coach blows whistle again the ball changes direction to counter clockwise. You can add a 3rd and 4th ball as the player get the hang of the drill.

This [tag]drill[/tag] is designed to make player focus on catching the ball and making good [tag]passes[/tag].

From Bruce…
I coach kids in the elementary school, grades 4 through 8.  One of my concerns for [tag]conditioning[/tag] is how to build up leg strength, especially in the younger grades.

I came up with the idea of doing leapfrog.  Basically, the kids get down on all fours and leap like a frog, usually from the baseline to half court.  The younger girls especially liked this.  The boys didn’t take too well at first, but I started a contest to see who could leap the farthest.  That got the competitive juices flowing a little more.