I received this suggestion on [tag]coaching kids basketball[/tag] from Corey in San Antonio.

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is designed to develop boxing out, rebounding and focus on following thru with your shot regardless of any contact or intentional fouls.

3 kids in the paint, boys or girls.

The object is to score 3-5 points, depending on the [tag]basketball coach[/tag].  The ball is shot by the coach and the first person to grab rebound should attempt to put it back up and try to score.  The other 2 players are to play defense and prevent the person with the [tag]basketball[/tag] from scoring.  No fouls are called, but don’t let it get out of control.  You can’t leave the paint and attempt a jump shot, all points counted for are from within the paint.  The person that reaches 3-5 points first is the winner.

This drill is designed for anyone that will attempt a lay-up anytime in their life.  Good luck! Coaching Kids Basketball