These are just a few of the many drills and tips I’ve collected while [tag]coaching kids basketball[/tag].  Give these a try; the kids love them and the improvement in skills is immediate.

One [tag]basketball drill[/tag] my kids love that seems to teach players to be somewhat“  aggressive (if that is something that can be taught!), is to put two evenly matched players on the baseline.  The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] rolls the ball toward the free“  throw line.  The coach yells “GO” when they want the players to take off.

They race for the ball.  The player that gets the [tag]basketball[/tag] is offense, the“  other is defense.  The offensive player can only dribble no more than 5 dribbles.  Play on until the offense scores or the defense gets the“  rebound, steal, etc.

For running at the end of the practice I have my players each shoot one foul shot – for every shot missed they have to run one suicide.  This encourages them to make their foul shots and it puts pressure on them like in a real game!!

Here is an old trick that greatly improves ball handling. We have the players do all their ball handling drills with jersey gloves on. You can also add dribble glasses.  Over time this really improves ball control and feel. No shooting, just [tag]basketball dribble drills[/tag].