A good [tag]basketball drill[/tag] to use for warm-ups when you’re [tag]coaching youth basketball[/tag] is an endurance drill.  This drill is great for youth [tag]basketball[/tag] as it gets everyone involved and you can always split the groups half court, ten on each side.

  • Line everyone up and number them for example one to ten.
  • Number one will shoot, 2 free throws, and everyone else is jogging up and down the court.
  • Then number 2 will get number one rebound then pass it to him.
  • Once number one has taken his second shot, number one then joins in with everyone else and jogs and number two gets his own rebound and shoots.
  • If there are ten players, the target will be 30 shots; if I see anyone walking I add another five shots and so on until they reach they target.
  • While they are jogging they need to be going at a reasonable pace.