If you’re [tag]coaching youth basketball[/tag], try these [tag]basketball drills[/tag] with your teams.  These ideas livened things up quite a bit in my practices and skills improved notably.

This first [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is very simple;it is geared for elementary school athletes (especially the 4 and 5 players).  It’s the “3 Man-One Minute Drill”.  Two [tag]basketball[/tag]s are used and placed on the ground at the low post positions.  One player stands by each ball and is responsible for grabbing the rebound“  and placing the ball back on the floor.  The third player (the shooter) runs from ball to ball, using a strong step to the basket to make a power-layup.

When one minute elapses, all 3 players rotate positions so the next player gets an opportunity to shoot.

Some younger players have the habit of getting passes then putting their head down, dribbling to a corner then looking for some one to pass to. We do a passing drill where each player must pass as soon as thy get the ball with out dribbling. If they dribble they run laps. starting with 1 lap for first dribble , 2 laps for 2nd, etc.  This helps with conditioning as well as gives them time to think about their mistake.

We will put 5 players on offense, 4 on defense and then try to score without DRIBBLING. Great way to teach young players to pass.