While [tag]coaching youth basketball[/tag] one of things I literally preach to my younger boys team is that you must learn how to make your free throws consistently. All of the close [tag]basketball[/tag] games will be determined by how your team did on the free throw line.

I call this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] — “Own the Free throw Line”. This drill will help them feel more confident each time they go to the line.

Each shooter has a chance to make 2-free throws. As one shoots, the rest of the team is on the baseline rooting him on to make em! Now if he misses both the whole team runs to the other end of the base line touches it and runs back.

Easy for the first time but as players continue to miss they realize this is a lot of work and it would be easier to just make the [tag]free throw[/tag]!

If he makes at least 1 out of 2 they don’t run. If he makes both then he gets to bank his no running after 2 misses privilege. He also gets to say when it gets used or he may chose to not use it at all!

For this young age they have fun with this and do get better with their free throw shooting.