Here’s a drill that I’ve used when [tag]coaching youth basketball[/tag] that keeps the kids engaged, running some of the time, and practicing multiple [tag]basketball skills[/tag].  It’s sort of like a station drill, however all related – but it is just one [tag]basketball drill[/tag].

We start with 4 players (and it could be 5 if you have a full sized court – I’ll explain where the 5th comes in after I explain the 4-man drill).
Player 1 starts as the offensive player around the foul line.
Player 2 starts as the defensive player guarding player 1.
Player 3 starts parallel with Players 1 and 2 but near the sideline.
Player 4 starts near the basket at the other end of the floor.

The drill starts off either by Player 2 passing the basketball to Player 1 or Player 1 starts with it in his/her hand.  One-on-one [tag]basketball[/tag] continues until Player 2 gets a rebound from a missed shot or Player 1 makes a basket.

Player 2 then passes (from either his rebounding position or from out-of-bounds, depending on the outcome from the one-on-one) to Player 3 who dribbles with his non-strong hand to half court and then passes, very strongly, to Player 4 who makes a layup.  Player 4 then retrieves the ball and dribbles back, with his/her non-strong hand to where Player 1 and Player 2 started. “  Depending on whether you have other players waiting to enter the drill, Player 4 would pass to new Player 1 (or someone waiting to become new Player 1) or become Player 1

Players then rotate to the next numerical “position” in the drill.
If there are players waiting to enter the drill, you would start a new Player 1/Player 2 one-on-one when Player 3 is dribbling toward half court.  If you have a large enough court, you could have a 5th player who would be in between what I called Player 3 and 4 before to receive a pass from Player 3, dribble (non-strong), and then pass to Player 4.  If this alternative is utilized, we would change the player “numbers” so the drill proceeds in numerical order, of course.