Looking for [tag]practice[/tag] ideas for [tag]coaching youth girls basketball[/tag]?“  You’ve come to the right place!“  Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.Coaching Youth Girls Basketball

From Scott…
Well here is my contribution for an end of practice [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].

I like to use the scoreboard at the end of every practice. “  When we [tag]scrimmage[/tag], I set the clock to 2:00 and the score to 50 – 50.  When the first side gets to 55 or 56 I start the clock.  That way I am simulating game-like situations.  One day we are playing behind 5 points with less than 2 minutes.  The next day we might be up one.  It really makes practice interesting to finish up on.  I never have to be creative and figure out how to set up the scrimmage.  I just let the natural course of playing set the situation.

My girls really like this and enjoy the challenge.  Almost everyday, the losing team wants to reset the clock back to 2:00 and do it again.  My assistant [tag]coach[/tag] and I officiate, but we let the girls coach themselves. “  All foul [tag]shooting[/tag] is 1 -1 and each side gets one time out.