This is a great drill that you can tailor to whatever your needs are, whether they be ball handling, shooting, or finishing around the basket.

Set Up:

Setup two garbage cans, one just underneath the 3-point line, and the other somewhere between 5 and 15 feet in front of the basket.


  1. Coming in from half court at about 80-90% speed, make a dribble move around the first obstacle and then perform either another dribble move past the second obstacle or come to a jump stop and elevate for the shot.
  2. It depends on what your focus is – if you want to work your mid range pull up jumper, you’ll want to put the garbage can further out, and if you want to work on making a move past a secondary defender and finishing at the basket, you would slide it a little bit closer to the rim.

Shooting Drill


Coaching Keys:

  • Once the Cone Drill has become easy for your players, there’s a way to make it twice as hard – throw in a second basketball.
  • It’s also a good idea to start the Combo Drill from the triple threat position at the three point line and work on an array of jab steps and pump fakes.
  • Tell your players to make sure they are practicing proper fundamentals, head up when they are dribbling, and proper form when they are shooting, practicing a flawed mechanic is just going to hurt them in the long run.