Many coaches struggle with ideas for [tag]conditioning drills[/tag].  Here is one suggestion that has worked for Darin.  Another brilliant idea to help coaches.Conditioning Drills
Here is a [tag]basketball[/tag] drill that I have been using for years in my practices. 
Its called “Four 1 and 1’s”.  We have had such a problem with free throws especially after running during the game so this [tag]drill[/tag] combines running and free throws.  I usually do this drill right after we have done a drill that includes a lot of full court running. 
Each player is going to shoot four 1 and 1’s.  If the player misses after the first shot of the one and one then she sprints four walls (starting from the free throw line from where she is shooting and touching the walls at the end of each baseline four times.)“  If she misses the second shot of the one and one then she sprints two walls.  Or, she makes both free throws and doesn’t have to run.  Repeat this four times. “ 
Its a great motivator to make your shots when your tired.