Drill Type:“  Ballhandling Drill


The off-season is the most important time of the year for your players to work on their individual games. The best strategy is to identify a player’s weaknesses and focus on improving them as much as possible.  Ball handling is one of the many aspects of the game they can aim to improve.

Set Up:

  • While having pylons, garbage cans, or some other kind of obstacle to dribble around is good practice, using spots on the floor is going to improve your skills as well.Dribbling Offense


  1. Dribble from the baseline to halfcourt and back, focusing on crossing over and exploding out of the move every couple feet.
  2. Start off with the crossover, but make sure to work on the in-and-out dribble, stutter step, through the legs, and behind the back.

Coaching Keys

  • Remember to push yourself, losing the ball is okay – in fact if you don’t lose the ball at least once the first couple times you do this drill, you’re probably not pushing yourself hard enough.