This [tag]basketball coaching[/tag] tip on [tag]defence in basketball[/tag] comes courtesy of Mike, one of my subscribers from the UK.  Keep ’em coming.Defence in Basketball

From Mike…
Perpetual 3 on 2’s – full gym – one [tag]basketball[/tag]
2 lines in alternate ends of gym (line 1 and line 2).
First three players in line 1 take ball down court and play against the first 2 players from line 2.
As the first 3 players leave from line 1 the next 2 players from line one come out to the top of the key and wait to play defence.
As soon as the first 3 players from line 1 either score or lose ball to the defender they go to the back of line 2 and the next player from line 2 joins the 2 playing defence and go down and try to score at the other end against the 2 waiting players from line 1.  As soon as a basket is made the the next player from line 1 joins the 2 defenders and goes down on offence“  to play the next 2 from line 2 who are waiting.

This pattern continues for as long as you want to keep the [tag]basketball drill[/tag] going – hence the name perpetual 3on 2’s.