These ideas for drills for [tag]defense in basketball[/tag] were sent to me by Howard and by Nick.  These will work well for your teams in [tag]offense[/tag] as well as [tag]defense[/tag] and general [tag]conditioning[/tag].Defense in Basketball

From Howard…
One of my favorite defensive [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] is our 5 on 4 [tag]drill[/tag] that we use often. We start 5 players on offense at half court vs 4 defensive players.  The offense must dribble the ball in to the 3pt area and then they start the offense.  The defense is constantly rotating to the ball and talking to each other or they will break down. We dictate how many passes before a shot can be taken“  or have other restrictions put on the offense like no [tag]dribbling[/tag].

Great defensive drill as well as working on some offensive principles.

From Nick…
A new adaptation of an old drill “wall sits” is riding your “Hog”.  My first practice I will ask my guys if any of them like motorcycles and I usually have 100% response.  So we’ll talk about what types of motorcycles they like and why.  Then I promise they will all get their dream bikes one day and I was going help them learn to ride.  As they stood against a wall they lift their hands to the riding ready position and then stradle their imaginary motor cycle.

It may seem a little cruel but it makes the drill of strengthening their legs and minds a little more enjoyable.  In fact at the end of one season, my guys presented me with a Harley Davidson traveling coffee mug.