Art sent in this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] he uses to teach [tag]defenses in basketball[/tag] to his team.  This is one of his favorites!Defenses in Basketball

From Art…
This [tag]basketball[/tag] drill is called the run around. 

You take four players and put them at the two elbows, and two on the baseline off the block two to three steps.  I slap the ball and have the four offensive players run around them on the court.  The defensive player has to make contact and know where the players are on the court.  When the ball is shot all Defensive players attempt to box out. 

If they get the rebound they fast break under control to the other end of the court to make the lay up.  If not they set it up in the half court offense minus the post player or whoever is not represented.  They play until they score.  If the offensive team rebounds, they put it back up and attempt to score, defensive team plays defense. 

It is intense and a very good change of pace.  You get basketball defense, boxing out, aggressive rebound skills, ball handling, and a chance to see some good transition of fast break to secondary break to basic [tag]basketball skills[/tag].