Do you need new ideas for [tag]defensive basketball[/tag] drills?“  Try these two [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] sent in by Ron. Defensive Basketball

From Ron…
I’m coaching 10-11 year olds this year and half of our team are not very experienced so I am finding I have to try some very basic drills to teach them.

I have one [tag]drill[/tag] to teach the players to “D” up on the ball.  I use a dribbler and have him zig zag back and forth up court while the [tag]defensive[/tag] player must keep his hands behind his back (the temptation to reach is too much) and have them play right up on the ball and slide back and forth with the dribbler. “  Once they reach the end of the court they go to the other side and switch positions and repeat the drill up the other side.

Another drill I am using to teach the [tag]fast break[/tag] off a made or missed shot.  I set up a 2-3 zone and 3 players on the three point line and have them [tag]pass[/tag] the ball around the perimeter to get the [tag]defense[/tag] used to moving with the ball and then take a shot after 3-4 passes.  I then have them get the rebound or made shot and have them fast break focusing on filling the lanes and the trailer’s responsibility.  I find that teaching the trailer is the toughest part because they like to bunch up at first.  But now that I have explained to them the trailer’s job our fast break work out is much smoother.