Defensive Basketball DrillHere is an idea that comes from the Canadian National Team.  It is a [tag]defensive basketball drill[/tag].  It can be done at both baskets. Have one person in the middle of the key with a [tag]basketball[/tag].  That person is going to be on defense.  Then you need 5 other people on the 3 point line (top, wing, wing, corner, corner).

What happens: The defensive player rolls the ball to one of the 5 players and proceeds to close out.  Once the defensive player closes out, the offensive player who caught the ball throws it to another one of the 5 players (it can be someone beside him though).  Again the defensive player closes out.

After all 5 players have caught the ball and the defensive player has closed out, the [tag]basketball drill[/tag] continues but this time it is live (with the offensive player trying to score).  The offensive player is only allowed to have 3 dribbles and he/she can not spin dribble.  The defensive player get a point for every stop he/she has. At the end of the 6 people going through the drill, the person with the highest point total win.  The others run or do push-ups.

Focus of drill: proper close out stance, talking, making quick move to the hoop, etc.