You could call these [tag]defensive basketball drills[/tag], but it involves fun competition. This is a great incentive to those [tag]basketball[/tag] players who don’t get the notoriety as a scorer.  I use this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] at all levels.

As we all know, points are rewarded to the OFFENSE, leaving more incentive to SHOOT, as opposed to busting it on defense, and finishing by boxing out and rebounding.

In order to promote a higher level of interest in defense, I came up with a game that rewards points to the defense for steals, forced turnovers, and most importantly in my method of teaching, DEFENSIVE REBOUNDS!!!

My concept is that a defensive rebound is as important as scoring two points because you are limiting the other teams’ possessions, and increasing the number of chances your team has to score.  Thus, 2 points are rewarded for a defensive rebound just as it is for scoring a basket.  Steals, or other turnovers count 1 point.

This promotes a higher level of defense by generating a sense of being able to SCORE on the defensive end.