These are tips for [tag]defensive basketball drills[/tag] that I use at [tag]basketball practice[/tag] often.  Try them and the improvements will be immediate.

Dribbling + Defense:
Place cones in a zigzag formation going up the court; use the whole length.
Put the players in pairs and number them 1 and 2. They then take it in turns to dribble along the zigzags and then attack the basket. Their partner’s job is to defend the [tag]basketball[/tag]; using his hands and feet properly and side-stepping.

The next pair then go, etc. After everyone has gone, change the numbers around, e.g. if the 1’s were [tag]dribbling[/tag] first then they will now defend. This is an effective way to get the defensive technique and footwork right!

TIP:“  MAKE SURE that the person dribbling with the ball is using his outside hand to dribble up with! This is important and will help the player to dribble with the ball with the right hand. EG: If the player is dribbling to the right he must use his right hand and vice versa.