These [tag]defensive basketball drills[/tag] allow for different defensive adjustments and encourages communication on the court.  We call this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] – Drill 55.

Spread 5 players across free throw line extended
Spread 5 players across baseline.
Give each player a number 1-5 (according to position).
The team facing the baseline is the defense, the team facing the freethrow and the [tag]basketball coach[/tag] is offense.
Coach will call out numbers to the defense.  The numbers called must touch baseline then go play defense.
After numbers are called the [tag]basketball[/tag] is thrown to baseline player and they take off (all 5 to score)

Call 1 and 3 – They have to touch baseline and go.  The others run down court to defend.  They call triangle for position.  1 player up top and 2 players on block.

Call 4 – 4 touches baseline.  The other 4 players get back on defense.  They call box.  Two players up top and two players on the block to defend the basket.

Call 1, 2, 3 – They touch baseline.  Playing 5“  on 2.  They call one one.  One up top to stop ball and one to get first pass.

Great way to work offense and defense.  Athletes love the quick decision making and the different game situations.