One of the [tag]defensive basketball drills[/tag] we do in [tag]basketball practice[/tag] is what I call “Triangle Slides.”“  The players liked this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] so much that they chose to use it as one of our pre-game warm-up drills.

Here is how it goes:
Facing the court, the team lines up at the base of the right side of the foul lane.  The 1st player sprints up the foul lane and closes out to the elbow with the left (inside) foot and hand up to simulate the forcing of the offensive player to the sideline.  He then slides to the corner.  Upon reaching the corner, he swing steps to open up.  He then slides across the baseline to the opposite side of the foul lane from where the line started.  He will then sprint up the left side of the foul lane and close out at the elbow with his right (inside) foot up and then slide to the corner.  Again performing the swingstep to open up.  He will finish by sliding across the baseline to the near (left) side of the foul lane and return to the end of the line.

This [tag]basketball[/tag] drill incorporates a quick sprint, closeout, quick change of direction, defensive slide techniques, and reminds the players to force the offense toward the sideline and away from the middle of which is one of our defensive philosophies.