This [tag]defensive basketball drill[/tag] will help your team to prevent the ball from being entered into the post.  Teach your players to be physical without fouling.

– Player 1 has the ball and stands at the right foul line extended area
– Player 2 is the other offensive player and stands at the left box
– Player 3 stands in the lane in the help position and defends Player 2

– Player #2 V Cuts to the high post on the ball side.  Player 1 attempts to enter the ball into Player 2
– Player 3 must react and cut off Player 2’s passing lane
– If he is unable to receive the ball at the high post, he spins and attempts to get open in the low post.
– Player 3 must now open up and front the low post
– Continue until Player 2 scores or allotted time expires

Points of Emphasis
– Defending the flash means getting physical.  Referees will usually allow some contact to prevent an offensive player from cleanly cutting across the lane
– Post players: you own the paint.  Don’t allow an opposing player to cut through the paint without physically feeling your presence