Take a look at these [tag]defensive drills for basketball[/tag]. This is one that works well with all age groups.

Here’s a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] we do at practice and the kids enjoy it a lot.  It teaches fast break offense and 5 on 4 [tag]basketball defense[/tag] until the next player gets back on defense.

We will go 5 on 5 line-up across the baseline from each other. Whoever I throw the [tag]basketball[/tag] to their man has to run and touch the baseline and catch up on defense. The other 4 players must cover his man until he gets back.Defensive Drills for Basketball

The goal is to have the defense get steals and rebounds. And they will be awarded 1 point for doing so. We will go to 5 and if the offense scores and get offensive rebounds as well then they will get a point.

They go at it hard on this drill; the loosing teams has to do drills the winning team picks for them to do.